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Investment Education

We have a vast range of services that provide customized & effective education in realms of investment, real estate and financial practices for nearly any demographic or group.

If you are looking for a different educational service that is not listed, please contact us, we may be able to help.

Educational Services

Empowering Youth & Adults to manage their finances is something we do with great care and pride. From middle school to middle-aged, we can help your group get the information and encouragement they need to truly thrive in financial areas. 

With so many years in the Real Estate field, we have a multitude of experiences, failures & successes and even resources to help you. Whether you are trying to launch, re-direct or simply expand your real-estate empire, we have tools and advice that will help. Contact us here to set up a consultation.

Whether you need a speaker for 15 or 5,000 people, we provide sound, humorous and highly effective education in any of the before-mentioned areas. We've got a little personality too, so if you've never enjoyed a 'math class' before it's time to buckle up.


For the general public we have another outlet of education, a V-log. We have taken on the task of translating the busy, peculiar and humorous world of real estate wealth creation into an easily understood, and highly enjoyable video series. We are also developing a series for our renters,  and those interested in mentoring. Our resident High Schooler is helping us out and the humor itself makes it worth a view.


Take a look here.  

One of the primary vehicles to generate wealth is the appropriate use of other people's money. Debt is not bad but the poor application of debt can be a source of financial hardship. We pride ourselves in helping other understand the difference between "good debt " and "bad debt" and how to effectively leverage the money of others to build wealth for ourselves.  Contact us if you would like more information on our wealth creation services.


For those interested in a less serious educational adventure,  we have a fun e-book to offer.  Tales of a Landlord was written by our Managing Partner and is simply a set of quirky stories that have been collected over years in the real estate and rental business.  It is sure to leave you laughing, shocked, and possibly reeling to see what crazy adventures would come your way if you joined the real estate empire.

Download here.

Please feel free to use our contact form at the end of the page for any questions you may have!

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