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Sell YOUR house...

No matter the condition!

We buy houses that have fire damage, foundation problems, and any other concern that make it seem impossible to sell.  We want to buy your house because we can see the home's potential after repairs, and our goal is to breathe New Life back into the home and its community.


Redevelopment  & 

New Construction

Our top-notch renovated homes and beautifully built new construction homes are sure to impress! They beat anyone's standard and enable many home-seekers to stay within a practical budget. With a myriad of such beautiful homes, we think you would be proud to own one.

The combination of our experiences in renovations, land development and property management uniquely equips us to reposition properties to a better classification and community use. Places where offices or other establishments have previously existed can be remodeled, or simply reclassified to better serve the community and its economy.  This is not only economical in the re-using of land and buildings, but also efficient for those in need of renting throughout our expanding population. 

Land Development

Hundreds of acres in our community are entirely undeveloped. We are proud to transform them into places for thriving communities.  We offer a wide range of lot sizes, so whatever your land-owning goal or budget, we have one for you.

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For many, owning a home isn't the best option for their lifestyle.  We have numerous rental opportunities from 3-bedroom single family homes to 2-bedroom town homes.  We surely have a home that will meet your residential needs.

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Consulting & Education Services


With decades of experience in Real Estate investments,  we have a powerful storehouse of information and skills to share. Our extensive experience in property management, creative financing, basic & advanced financial management, true wealth creation and much more, has equipped us to meet any of your educational needs.

Consultation & Education

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Community Service


At New Life Developers we are committed to making a difference in the community. We are honored to have found two ways we can make a real difference through local non-profits and would love for you to join us in changing lives.

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